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NormalGEN is a new type of biological dura repair patch manufactured from animal tissue. It’s exceptional biocompatibility, excellent strength and suturing characteristics along with the unique feature of inducing regeneration of host tissue make it a functional dura substitute and a superior choice to other available dura grafts.

·Superior biocompatibility
·Excellent compliance
·Free of toxicity
·Promotes host tissue and organ regeneration in situ
·Co-instantaneously degradable varying rates
·Optimum handling properties

NormalGEN is used as dura substitute for the closure of dura mater duing neurosurgery:
·Cranial, cerebral or spinal injuries
·Cerebral or spinal tumors
·Cerebral hemorrhages
·Decompression of intracranial hypertension and spinal canal hypertension
·Subdural hemorrhages
Available Sizes:
2×3 cm 3×4 cm 4×6 cm 6×8 cm 8×12 cm

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