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ThormalGENTM is a new type of biological surgical patch manufactured from animal tissue. Its exceptional biocompatibility, excellent strength and suturing characteristics make it a superior choice for surgical repair.
Stretch Test Results
 Standard Specifications Test Result
Strain tensile strength(KPA) No less than 1000 8470~10970
Elongation at break No less than 20% 62%~82%
ThormalGENTM can be widely used for:
·Pleural defect, diaphragm defect, or diaphragmatic hernia repair
·Hernia repair, especially for incision hernia in senior patients
·Breast corrective sling, for correction for breast chalasia and supporting the prosthesis in the breast cancer removal procedure
·Tissue filling, wrinkle removing, suspending, and distracting in plastic and cosmetic surgery
·Preventing adhesion in spinal cord surgery and neurosurgical operation
·Aneurysm encapsulation therapy
·Rectovaginal fistula repair
·Pelvic floor functional recovery, virginal sling, pelvic repairing patch,etc.
·Vagina reconstruction
·Filler, patch for dental treatment
Available Size:
3×5 cm 4×6 cm 6×8 cm 2.5×10 cm
5×10 cm 8×12 cm 12×18 cm

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